Lovefood HQ is closed!  

After a year which saw massive popularity, great reviews and awards why on earth close?

Because quite frankly behind the scenes it was a shitstorm!

Too little start up capital, trouble finding enough great staff, trying to do brunch and dinner was all a too much for one active owner/partner, at least for this one anyway. Having sacrificed everything to follow the Lovefood journey I realised I could simply give no more physically, financially or emotionally…and I stop at giving my life!

What a ride, what a journey.

My life is food is not over, it’s just begun. For now a rest and maybe a return to branding/advertising to earn some money as I have none, but moving forward…who knows :-)

Thank you to everyone who supported Lovefood over the pop up and the restaurant and whom we made happy.


Elle Eten’s Favourite 100 Things!  

It’s nice to be liked.

Elle Eten have named Jason Hartley in their favourite 100 things as well as naming Lovefood HQ as the place to go for a Bloody Ceaser in their annual listing of all things they love in the Dutch food scene. This is really rather humbling and very cool in equal measure. He also get’s his mugshot on the inside cover contents page.

Check out the piece here (in Dutch)

TimeOut Best of Amsterdam 2012  

Awards on top of the 5/5 Review!

TimeOut Amsterdam awarded us one of their Best of Amsterdam 2012 Restaurants!

We were already proud of their Restaurant of the Month award and a 5 Start review but in December 2012 we were awarded a Best of Amsterdam award as one of the best restaurants in the city in some very esteemed company. We are very proud for a 6 month old restaurant.

See the full 5 star review here

Het Parool’s A-Locatie!  

Pop Up Kok [insert joke]

Amsterdam’s most popular newspaper gave Lovefood HQ it’s A-Locatie accolade which is quite frankly very cool!

See the article here (in Dutch of course)

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Better late than never...

My name is Jason Hartley. As a child into cooking with my parents, as an adult an advertising and brand guy. Then in January 2009 a chance conversation led to a day as a guest chef. Now I combine being passionate about brands with being a self taught occasional chef delivering sell out gourmet pop up brunches and dinners to up to 150+ people a time. The only thing not made by my hands is the restaurant itself! I do not quite know how this happened, but I am glad it did.